"The more we look at these remarkable images, the more they evoke simultaneously the unfathomed question of our genuine human identity and the answer to that question that lies in the creative human spirit which brings together true science and true art."

Jacob Needleman, author of “The American Soul” and “What Is God?”

“Simultaneously abstract and concrete, Nana Bagdavadze’s paintings gift us with arresting tapestries of form and color that enter us through our eyes yet but then infiltrate us down to our deepest cellular and molecular realities. Moved by the wondrous minutiae of our materiality and the vastness of our spirituality, Nana invites an important multilogue of art, science and humanity.”

From the article: “ Nana’s Nanovisions” Chemical & Engineering News magazine, July 21, 2008, by Ivan Amato, author of “Super Vision: A new view of nature.”

“Nana Bagdavadze’s portraits live inside out. They are not of the human skin, the human veneer. They go deeper into the layers of living personality…” “The search for meaning is also expressed in her playful double helixes- the dance of DNA and creative genes that come with the human package. She paints magic links to the spirit. They spring to life as you look at them and shimmy with delight and anticipation.” “Looking at Nana’s paintings of DNA leads me to deep and perhaps perilous consideration of who we are: all this teensy molecules that allows us to exist differently, see differently, make art…”

 From the article “Artist Portrait: Nana Bagdavadze”, Capitol Community News, May 2009

“For Nana Bagdavadze, art doesn't merely mirror life. It describes her soul.”

Keith Raether, Tacoma News Tribune

“Not only is she highly trained and talented as a painter but her work is heartfelt. This is the quality that distinguishes artwork that endures over time from that which is merely technically proficient.”

Lynn Basa
Director, Art Program
University of Washington Medical Center

“As a portrait artist, Nana is certainly a pre-eminent talent whose abilities deserve the recognition she is receiving in the United States and abroad.”

Irene Mahler
Mahler Fine Arts Consulting

“Nana Bagdavadze is an exceptional artist who captured the spirit of my family in life size painting. Nana's vivid interpretation of our family's relationship to each other is well portrayed in a beautiful pose, which shows the depth of her understanding of personalities and unique characteristics.”

Hal Smith
President, ERNST Corporation

“Nana captured the spirit of my children in a setting we all love, and did it in a style I was proud to have in our home. She is a friend, and a fine artist.”

Jean Enersen
King 5 Television